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About Us - Awake and Mindful

Hi! My name is Tiffany and I’m the creator of Awake and Mindful. I first learned about yoga and meditation in college. My college years were hectic as I attended classes full time and worked part time. I didn’t have a lot of free time and was very stressed. My physical and mental health suffered as I spent a lot of time sitting in class or on a computer doing work.

I signed up for a yoga class as an extracurricular and I was hooked. It gave me a great outlet for exercising and relieving stress. I soon started practicing meditation as well and found it not only helped me to reduce stress and be more mindful, but also improved my depression and anxiety.

Since then yoga and meditation have been a constant in my life, helping me throughout my adulthood. I’ve used yoga to help manage chronic pain from endometriosis and as a primary form of exercise during my pregnancy. Meditation and other mindfulness practices continue to be essential for maintaining my mental health.

I work full time as a freelance writer and enjoy my daily yoga breaks as a chance to get out of my head and into my body.

About Awake and Mindful

I created this website as an approachable guide to beginners who are interested in incorporating mindfulness, meditation, or yoga into their lives. Starting a yoga or meditation practice can be intimidating for a beginner and I wanted to break down all the elements into digestible bites to make it easy to start without expectations or hang-ups.

Using a “take what you need and leave everything else behind” philosophy, Awake and Mindful presents articles that break down and explains basic concepts and techniques to help practicers find the right options for their needs. I also like to explore gear and gadgets and discover which ones are actually helpful and which ones are just unnecessary fads.