Best Meditation Videos & DVDs for Beginners

Best Meditation Videos & DVDs for Beginners
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Starting a meditation practice can be challenging for newbies. In addition to the difficulty you may have focusing and quieting your mind, you may be unsure about other aspects like breathing properly or sitting with a proper posture. In our own search for the best meditation videos for beginners, we’ve found many great resources to help those who are new to their meditation practice. This article covers meditation DVDs and online videos that will help you learn to meditate and begin your practice.

If you’re interested in audio guided meditations, we also have a whole section of guided meditation videos for all experience levels.

Meditation DVDs for Beginners

A Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness Meditation

This video says “10 days to change your life forever,” and that’s exactly what will happen when you bring the practice of meditation into your every day life. Led by Ira Israel, this DVD is meant to teach beginners everything about meditation and stress reduction. Ira Israel is a counselor and therapist who has studied Buddhism, yoga, and meditation extensively. He uses the knowledge he’s gained from years of study to offer private coaching, as well as workshops on cultivating mindfulness and practicing yoga.

This video is focused to not only teach you about meditation but also jumpstart your regular daily practice. Ira enlightens you on the meaning of mindfulness and the purpose of meditation. To help you begin a regular practice, this Meditation DVD also includes 10 guided meditations. As you try a new one each day, you’ll not only improve your meditation and calm your mind but you’ll also discover which types of meditation work best for you. This is a great video for people who have never meditated before and those that have experience but are looking to branch out and improve their practice.

Available to purchase on DVD or to rent or buy from Amazon Video.

Meditation for Beginners by Jack Kornfield

Jack Kornfield is already one of our favorites because of his book Meditation for Beginners. Now the visually inclined can also benefit from his knowledge on this DVD with the same name. And of course, we think it’s one of the best meditation videos available. Designed as a training video, this meditation DVD for beginners takes you step by step through all of the basics to build a foundation to your meditation practice. In addition to teaching you about meditation, the DVD also includes four guided meditation sessions. Each meditation includes an introduction that prepares you for the meditation and a follow-up review to help you analyze your progress.

Reviewers really love these DVDs because of Jack’s calming voice and presence. He helps you get into a calm state of mind for your meditation. This DVD is absolutely perfect for beginners and also a great resource for meditators with more experience.

GAIAM Meditation for Beginners DVD

This is another great meditation DVD for beginners. For this one, you get two instructors in one! Rodney Yee is a well known yoga instructor who has done many videos for GAIAM. Maritza is a well known meditation instructor. Together they present an introduction to the concepts of meditation that will benefit many viewers. It also includes an instructional video, led by Rodney, that teaches you how to prepare your body for a sitting meditation, including stretches that increase comfort and help you maintain focus.

If you’re looking for guided meditations to help ease you into your new practice, the DVD also includes three. Maritza leads a Mindful Meditation that helps you pause from the chaos of everyday life and rejuvenate your mind and body. Then Rodney will guide you through a Refresh the Mind meditation, perfect for a morning meditation that takes you from sleep to seated meditation. There’s also a bonus 10 minute meditation for Restful Relaxation that helps you release tension and fall asleep at the end of the day. This is a great DVD to help you begin a successful meditation practice.

Mindfulness Meditation and Stress Reduction for Beginners

If you want to start a meditation practice to help relieve stress in your life, this meditation DVD for beginners from The Garden of Now is perfect. What makes this video different from the others on the list is the way they approach the meditation. Instead of just providing audio for guided meditation, they take advantage of the video format and provide audio and visual guidance for each of their meditations. They also include videos for beginners and those with meditation experience, so this is a DVD that will continue to be useful no matter where you are along your journey.

For beginners, this DVD includes a video that introduces you to the basics of mindfulness meditation and provides some mindfulness exercises to help you develop your meditation skills. These exercises use a guided tour of a Japanese garden to help you form mindfulness skills. This instruction is perfect for people who have struggled to keep their mind focused during meditation, as building these skills will make meditation easier for you in the future.

Guided meditations on this DVD include a traditional body scan meditation and sitting meditations, all of which make use of the audio and visual format.

Beginners Meditation & Mindful Stretching

If you already practice yoga or have an interest in yoga and meditation, this is a great DVD to try. Led by Yoga instructor Nadia Narin, this meditation DVD focuses on meditation and mindful stretching, applying fluid movements to your meditation practice. These are great to use at the beginning or end of the day, helping you get in touch with your breath, mind, and body. Comprised of short guided meditations, some of the videos focus on still meditation while others incorporate movements, making it easy to find the type of meditation you need for any day. Nadia also includes an introduction video to help introduce viewers to the practice. The bulk of the DVD is the 6 guided meditations that range in length from 5 minutes to 22 minutes: Breathing, Stress Release, Energizing, Stretching, Thankfulness, Savasana. Because of the variety, you’ll be able to find the perfect meditation no matter the day or the amount of time you have.

This is a very relaxing meditation DVD, Nadia’s voice is calming and really aids in your focus. While it doesn’t feature much instruction beyond the introduction video, this is a perfect video for yogis who struggle with meditation or want to add it to their practice. It’s also great for experienced meditators who want to get into yoga stretching via meditation.

This video is available as a DVD from Amazon or a digital video from iTunes.

Best Meditation Videos for Beginners

Like with the DVDs, we looked for the best meditation videos for beginners that include instruction and other info, not just guided meditations. These videos are great for those who are completely new to meditation or even people with experience who need a little extra guidance to improve their practice.

How To Meditate – The No BS Guide to Meditation

If you’ve struggled to meditate regularly or want to get into it for the first time, this is a great video for beginners. Leo from gives an in-depth introduction to meditation to help create a sturdy foundation for a regular meditation practice. This half-hour video covers the benefits of meditation, different meditation techniques, how to form a meditation habit, as well as meditation misconceptions and mistakes. This video is the perfect half-hour crash course intro to meditation. It is all informational, no guided meditations.

If you want more from Leo, you can check out his channel for more videos about meditation. Just beware that he is a lot edgier than most of the personalities you’re used to seeing in the meditation community and many of his videos feature adult langue.

Beginner’s Guide to Meditation: Learn To Meditate in 5 Easy Steps

If you don’t have 30 minutes to watch a video or you just want a quick start guide to help you jump into meditation, this five-minute video is perfect for beginners. With just five steps, this video takes you through meditation techniques, sitting positions, and building your habit.

How to Meditate for Beginners

If you want guided meditations that are shorter and intended for beginners, Youtuber Rebekah Borucki has a whole series of videos that are perfect for you. Each video focuses on a different type of meditation, whether it’s for stress relief, creativity, anxiety, or overcoming fear. Her guided meditations are a variety of lengths and give you an easy entry point to meditation practice. Each video starts with simple instructions to get you comfortable and guide you into the meditation.

If you enjoy her videos, Rebekah has a book You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life full of four minute meditations great for beginners and people with busy schedules.

If you’re new to your meditation, we have plenty of articles for beginners on meditation basics. Learn more about starting a practice with these books on meditation for beginners. Start your regular practice with this guide on How to Meditate in the Mornings.

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