Fidget Spinners for Meditation & Mindfulness

Fidget Spinners for Meditation & Mindfulness
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Fidget spinners are the latest craze among kids and teens. While many adults don’t understand them, others are realizing they have a great stress and anxiety relieving effect than anyone can benefit from. Like meditation jars, fidget spinners can help children and adults focus and calm down. Studies have also said they can be useful for children and adults with ADHD to help them learn better. Because they are small and can be used anywhere (including at work or at school) they are a great portable meditation option to help control your mind and your emotions. There are a lot of fidget spinners on the market right now at very affordable price points, so this is an easy way to try to focus your mind and relieve stress. This article covers everything you need to know about these little stress gadgets, including the best fidget spinners for meditation and how to use them as a part of your practice.

What is a Fidget Spinner?

Fidget cubes and fidget spinners have recently become very popular, especially among school-age youth. Target to help people with ADHD, anxiety, and autism, fidget toys provide a pleasing sensory experience to help relax the mind, unlock creativity, and increase concentration. Many people use them at school or work.

Fidget spinners in particular feature a ball-bearing joint that allows a person to spin the device with their fingers. This allows the user to focus their mind and their otherwise fidgety hands on the device.

Most fidget spinners feature a distinctive shape with 3 “arms” attached to the center spinner. Many are made of plastic or metal, though there are a variety of types available. Basic bearings are made of steel and are usually the cheapest option. Some models offer a choice of bearing and many fidget spinner aficionados prefer ceramic bearings which provide a smoother and longer spin. Some spinners come with exposed bearings or bearing caps that come in a variety of colors.

They are so many options and styles available. Many fidget spinner lovers collect different varieties and types, finding different benefits and uses of each one.

Best Fidget Spinners for Meditation

The type of fidget spinner that will work best for your meditation practice will be wholly up to you. Each person has their own preferences and finds different sensory stimulations to be best. These are fidget spinners for meditation that we recommend based on their high quality. We suggest buying a fidget spinner in colors and designs you find calming and enjoyable.

Anti Anxiety Spinner

If you’re on the lookout for basic, affordable fidget spinners for meditation that a great for beginners, check this one from JoJoMoon. This spinner guarantees a 4-5 minute spin time on its premium ball bearings. That makes this tri-spinner perfect for meditation. You can spin it between your fingers or on a flat surface like a table to enjoy the hypnotic visuals and the calming whirring noise.

This is a great option for kids, teens, or adults.

Available Colors: Stainless steel

Galaxy Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy

If you want a pleasant visual stimulation while you spin, check out this spinner, it’s “out of this world!” This fidgetspinner from Evermarket features a glaxay print that makes a cool purple and blue circle when you spin it. It reminds us of a planet’s rings, like if you were looking at Saturn from above.

This is also a great stress spinner mechanically. It’s made with a hybrid ceramic bearing, guaranteeing smooth spins right out of the box. The manufacturer also offers a 1 year warranty. One thing to note: if your order from one of the sellers that doesn’t have Prime shipping it may take a while to ship.

Rainbow Holographic Fidget Spinner

I absolutely love this gorgeous spinner. Made from high-quality brass, this spinner features a rainbow holographic finish. This creates a cool and calming visual when you spin it. It includes hybrid ceramic and steel bearings which provide 3 minutes of spin time. This spinner also comes with a carrying case so you can easily take your spinner with you to work, on errands, or while you travel.

We find this visual of this spinner is especially calming and very helpful for relieving stress and anxiety. It’s great for meditating and calming your mind.

Yin Yang Fidget Spinner

Yin Yang Fidget Spinners for Meditation

This is a uniquely designed fidget spinner that’s perfect for use while meditating. Designed to look like a yin yang, this round spinner is 3D printed with two metal ball counterweights. When you order, you’re given a choice of bearing: basic steel, red bones, or hybrid ceramic.

The Yin Yang is a well-known symbol from Chinese philosophy, representing how opposite forces can be complementary and interrelated. This is a great philosophy to ruminate on before or after you meditate. The contrasting colors also create a cool and soothing visual as you spin it.

How to Use Fidget Spinners for Meditation

How to Use Fidget Spinners for MeditationFidget spinners are really great for quick meditations (like when you need to destress at work) or to help calm and center your mind during chaotic moments. You may even find using a fidget spinner is a good way to help teach your child and teen about meditation.

To meditate with a fidget spinner, take the spinner and either set it on a table or hold it between your pointer finger and thumb. Spin it and watch the motion. Breathe and let your mind clear itself of anxieties. If your mind keeps drifting away, redirect it to focus on the visual movement of the spinner and the sound it makes.

Repeat the process as many times as you like until you feel calm and your mind is clear and focused.

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