How to Dress for Yoga Class

How to Dress for Yoga Class
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If you’re thinking about attending your first in-person yoga class, you’re probably wondering what you should wear. While you might want to throw down some big bucks for fancy yoga gear, dressing for yoga class can actually be a much simpler task. In fact, you may already be able to utilize clothing in your closet, especially if you already own workout clothes. We’ll cover how to dress comfortably for yoga class and also recommend some cool accessories that can help take your yoga practice to the next level.

How to Dress for Yoga Class

How to Dress Comfortably for Yoga Class

Since yoga is practiced barefoot, you really only need to wear two pieces of clothing: a top and a bottom. Holding yoga poses and moving through sequences means you need to have total freedom of movement. This is best achieved either by wearing form-fitting and stretchy clothes or lightweight and flowing clothing.

Because yoga frequently has you moving into positions that defy gravity, looser clothing items can offer an inadvertent peep show. It took a few accidental flashes of my sports bra during down dog before I realized loose-fitting t-shirts were distracting me during my practice!

If you don’t want to spend any money, check your closet for a t-shirt or tank top. For women, you may even feel comfortable just practicing in your sports bra–especially for hot yoga classes. Most fitness pants or shorts will work well too, as long as there is freedom of movement in the waist. You should be able to easily do a forward fold as well as spread your legs wide without the pants restricting movement.

If you’re interested in investing a little money into your yoga practice, there are lots of cool and comfortable yoga clothing options for a variety of budgets.

Yoga Pants and Shorts

Yoga pants are their own category of clothing, often worn casually or for other types of workouts. They are the go-to bottom for most yogis because their stretchy fabric allows for complete freedom of movement. Generally, they come either in a wide leg or more fitted legging style design.

If you aren’t comfortable with form-fitting pants, look for jogger-style pants. These are made from loose-fitting, breathable fabric, but feature an elastic band at the ankle, so they stay in place even in inversions. “Harem” or “Bohemian” style pants have also become popular in yoga classes, with light flowy fabric in beautiful patterns. Make sure you buy a style with elastic at the ankles.

For men, there aren’t as many design options but there are choices. Form-fitting legging-style yoga pants are becoming more common. But any type of light sweatpants or other workout pants are great for yoga class.

If you’re taking a lot of hot yoga classes or find yourself really sweating, shorts are a great alternative. Tight biker shorts are popping up a lot in yoga classes as looser running shorts can cause unintended wardrobe malfunctions. Most men can get along fine with traditional workout shorts.

Yoga Shirts & Tops

Any reasonably fitting and breathable t-shirt will work for most yoga classes, but some people prefer to wear workout-oriented tops.

Tank tops are a favorite choice for many guys and gals. They’re a great option if you plan to get hot and sweaty in class as they help you stay cool. Avoid flowy and loose-fitting tanks that may fall down during inversions.

If tank tops aren’t your style, simple workout t-shirts are a great option. I like athletic shirts with moisture wicking fabric. They’re comfortable, affordable, and help you stay dry even if you’re getting sweaty.

During the winter, you may want to wear a long sleeve shirt to yoga class. Again, look for breathable fabric and a shirt that isn’t too loose. You should also wear a tank top or short sleeve shirt underneath so if you get hot during class you can easily take the long sleeve shirt off.

Ladies and people with breasts may want to opt for a more supportive bra than your typical everyday wear. A well-fitting sports bra will help keep larger breasts contained during all types of poses. Many people are now opting for wire-free sports bras and tanks devoid of claps and zippers. They’re more comfortable in poses that require twisting or pressure on areas where regular bras tend to dig.

Yoga Accessories

While most people need just a basic top and bottom for yoga class, there are a few accessories to consider that might improve your experience.

If contending with sweat is a big challenge for your yoga practice, wearing yoga gloves and socks like YogaPaws will help you avoid slipping and sliding around on your yoga mat. (Check out more tips for how to do yoga with sweaty hands.)

If your hands stay sweat-free but you often have sweat dripping down your forehead, a sweatband will soak it up so you can focus on your asanas.

While you’re prepping for yoga class, make sure you have all the gear you need. Check out must have gear for home yoga practice and the best travel yoga mats for yoga anywhere.

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