10 Yoga Poses for Love & Sexual Energy

Yoga Poses for Love & Sexual Energy
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It’s Valentine’s Day, which means love is in the air. Did you know that the benefits of yoga can spread into your love life as well? Whether you’re in a long term relationship or searching for Mr/s. Right (now), these yoga poses are the perfect companions to your love life. We’ve included heart opening poses to increase your receptiveness to love as well as poses that increase blood flow in your body to activate sexual energy. These poses are perfect for when you’re preparing for a hot date, Valentine’s Day, anniversary celebrations, or your honeymoon.

Yoga for Love & Sexual Energy

1. Upward Facing Dog

Upward Facing Dog Yoga Poses for Love
Let’s kick this off with a classic pose. Urdhva Mukha Svanasana or Upward facing dog is named after the shape some puppies achieve when stretching. It’s an extremely satisfying heart opener because you can incorporate it frequently into your practice. In addition to opening your heart, throat, and shoulders, it also elongates and increases flexibility in your spine.

To get in the position start at the front of your mat in Mountain pose. On the inhale, lift your arms up and look up at your palms. Exhale and dive forward into standing forward fold, pressing palms into the mat next to your feet. Inhale to flat back and exhale to jump or step back to four-limbed staff pose with bent elbows. Inhale and pull your chest forward to move into up dog, with your weight on your hands and the top of your feet.

You can modify the pose be resting your hips and thigh on the mat.

2. Seated Heart Opener

Heart opening is right in the name of this stretch. This is a simple backbend that also opens the neck, shoulders, and abs while increasing flexibility in the spine. This pose will fill you with energy while helping you feel centered.

To get into the pose, start by sitting on your heels. Exhale and lean back, pressing your hands into the mat about 8 to 10 inches behind your feet. Press your hands firmly and lift your chest as high as you can. You can increase the stretch by lowering your head behind you.

For a modification, start by sitting on your heels and interlacing your hands behind you into a double fist. Pull your hands toward the floor, leaning your head back to open your chest.

3. Bow Pose

Dhanurasana or bow pose is often done to increase flexibility in the back. At the same time, it provides a nice stretch in the chest and shoulders, working as a heart opener. It’s named after the shape the body makes, like an archery bow. If you’re doing this yoga poses for Valentine’s Day, think of it as Cupid’s bow.

Make sure your body is sufficiently warmed up before going into bow pose, especially your back muscles. Lie on your stomach, pressing your belly button into your mat. Bend your knees, grabbing the outside of your right ankle with your right hand and then repeat on the left side. Inhale and push your feet toward the ceiling. This will draw your arms up and back to create the bow shape. Hold for five breaths and slowly release by lowering your feet down so your thighs and chest touch the floor, then let go of your ankles

4. Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose Yoga for Love & Heart Opening
Bridge pose or Setubandha is one of my favorite poses. It’s a gentle backbend that’s good for beginners which opens the chest. It also helps with tight muscles in the shoulder (great for improving posture). Some yogis also recommend bridge for increasing your libido, you get a two for one.

Begin the pose lying on your back. Bend your knees, placing your feet on the mat with the heels as close to your bum as possible. Rest your arms at your sides. Exhale and press your feet and arms into the floor, raising your tailbone toward the ceiling. Keep your butt firm as it comes off the floor. Clasp your hands under your pelvis and extend them toward your feet. Once your butt and thighs are parallel to the floor, hold the position for up to a minute. Breathe.

To come out, unclasp the hands press them into the mat at your sides. Exhale and slowly lower the spine down one vertebra at a time.

If bridge pose is too intense for you, you can use a yoga block, wheel or back bridge for a supported version of this pose.

5. Chair Pose

Chair Pose - Yoga for Love & Sex
You may not think of chair pose or utkata as a heart opening pose, but while it works your arms and legs it also stimulates the diaphragm and the heart

Begin by standing at the top of your mat in mountain pose. Inhale and sweep your arms up over your head. Bend the knees, sending your bum back as if you’re going to sit in a chair. The goal is to make your thighs parallel with the ground. Keep your back long and straight. Breathe and hold the position for five breaths.

To come out, inhale and slowly come back to mountain pose. Exhale your hands to your side.

6. Goddess Pose

Goddess Pose Yoga for Love & Sexual Energy
Moving our focus now to yoga poses that activate sexual energy, Goddess pose or utkata konasana is perfect for the top of this list. While the pose may seem simple from outside observation, it is a big workout for your body, strengthing core muscles, arms, thighs, shoulders, and your upper back. It helps boost your sexual energy by increasing heat and circulation in your body, especially when held for long periods of time.

To get into the pose, step into a wide-legged stand and turn out your toes. Bend your knees and lower your hips until they’re in line with your knees. Keep your tailbone tucked slighty, press your hips forward, and draw your navel inward. Keep your hands on your hips or raise them over your head. Hold for five to ten breaths.

To come out, inhale and straighten the legs.

7. Cat & Cow Pose

Cat Cow Yoga Pose for Sexual Energy
This popular duo of poses is great for your sexual energy and libido. Cat (Marjaryasana) and cow (Bitilasana) are often used to stretch the back and shoulders and warm up the spine. As you move between the two poses, your pelvis moves and strengthens the kegel muscles. Strong kegals = better orgasms, which is a huge boost to your sexual energy.

Come onto hands and knees on your mat. Follow your breath in and out of each stretch. Inhale and round your back as tall as it will go (imagine a startled cat), dropping your head toward the floor. Exhale and arch your back, pulling your shoulders back and raising your head to look forward. Repeat for several breaths and then rest with a neutral spine.

8. Bound Angle Pose

Bound Angle Pose Yoga for Sexual Energy
Bound angle or baddha konasana is a hip opener that stretches the inner thighs. It’s also a fantastic pose for relieving anxiety and fostering openness. In addition to the emotional benefits, it brings increased blood flow to the pelvic area. That extra essential energy helps increase arousal. One of my favorite things about this pose is it can also be a restorative stretch by laying down for reclining bound angle pose.

To get into the pose, sit on your mat and bring your feet together. Let your knees drop toward the floor with the soles of your feet pressed together. Hold on to the toes or feet with both hands. Inhale and lengthen your torso, then exhale and hinge forward at the hips. The goal is for your head to reach your toes. Hold for five to ten breaths.

For reclining bound angle pose, lie on your back. You can use yoga blocks or cushions to support your knees.

9. Pigeon Pose

As a hip opener, it’s no surprise that pigeon or eka pada rajakapotasana, helps foster sexual energy. It releases tension in the hips while bringing your attention to your breath. Once you’re in the pose, this mindfulness put you in the right mind frame to connect intimately with your partner.

If you’re new to the pose, check out the video above to see suggestions on modifications to make it more comfortable. Begin in table pose, making sure your arms are straight and shoulders in line with your wrists. Bring your right knee up between your arms and lay it flat on the mat. Stretch your left leg out straight behind you. Lower down on your forearms and rest your head on a mat, your arms, or the mat.

To come out, press up onto your hands. Slide the left knee forward and pull the right knee back to table pose. Repeat on the other side.

10. Eagle Pose

Garudasana or eagle pose is often used to open the shoulders and support the spine by strengthening the core. But this pose boosts sexy time as well. Holding the pose requires focus, clearing your mind of stress and helping you stay mindful. Also, when you release eagle pose, blood rushes into your pelvis, making arousal easier.

If you’ve never done eagle pose before, check out the video for extra guidance. Begin in mountain pose. Inhale and lift your right knee into your chest. Wrap your right leg around the left as far as you can comfortably. Inhale your arms up and press the palms together. Exhale, bringing your arms down and wrapping the right hand underneath the left. Inhale, lifting the arms up.

You can stay there or exhale and bend forward for full eagle. Focus your gaze on an unmoving spot on the floor to find your balance. To come out of the pose, inhale and lift up. Unwrap your leg and bring it to your chest. Exhale, unwrap the arms, and return to mountain pose. Repeat on the left side.

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10 Yoga Poses for Love & Sexual Energy

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