Yoga Prop Alternatives for Home Practice

Yoga Prop Alternatives for Home Practice
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One of the best things about yoga is it is an incredibly accessible practice that can be done by anyone, anywhere. But once you step outside your yoga studio, you lose access to great yoga props that can enhance your practice and help you modify poses. While it’s easy to buy yoga gear, you can save money and start practicing immediately with common objects you already have around the house.

Yoga Prop Alternatives for Home Practice

Yoga Block Alternatives

Those thick Stephen King hardbacks finally have a use besides sitting on your bookshelf. A large book or a stack of smaller books can be used to help you easily modify your positions. Books work well for supporting your hips or back or raising the floor up for some standing poses. You can wrap the books with a towel to make them more comfortable.

Alternatively, if you need help balancing in a standing post, a short table or chair can work in place of a block. A small garbage can (like the one you have in your bathroom) can also be flipped over to give support in poses like half-moon or forward fold.

If you frequently use blocks for raising the hips in seated poses, an alternative is to fold or roll up a blanket or towel. Grabbing a throw pillow off the couch is also an option.

Yoga Strap Alternatives

Frequently used to help you go deeper into stretches, yoga straps are a great prop for yogis of all levels. Head to your closet to look for yoga strap alternatives. A cloth belt with a buckle is the best option to fully replace the functionality of a yoga strap. Don’t forget to check your bathrobe for a belt that works in a pinch. A scarf, necktie, or even a rolled large bath towel can replace a yoga strap.

Yoga Bolster Alternatives

Yoga bolsters are so great for restorative poses but are more expensive than other yoga props, so you may not want to buy one for your home practice. Check out the pillows around your house to find a substitute for this yoga prop. Couch cushions and pillows can easily provide support. Consider grabbing a pillow or two from your bed to use in place of a bolster.

If you need something firmer, a rolled up sleeping bag may work better in some supportive poses.

Want to enhance your home yoga practice with props? Check out the essential yoga gear for home practice and yoga props to enhance your practice.

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