4 Benefits of Using a Meditation Chair

Benefits of Using a Meditation Chair
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One of the great things about meditation is it can be practiced anywhere, at any time, by anyone, without costing you a dime. If you’ve spent any time building a daily meditation practice, you know it’s not quite that simple. That’s why there’s plenty of meditation supplies and acessories available. Some aren’t really important, but a meditation chair can actually have a huge positive effect on your practice. Whether you’re using an ergonomic seat or cushion for meditation or a meditation chair with back support, you will immediately see benefits to your practice. Here are five benefits of using a meditation chair.

Creates a Dedicated Meditation Space

We all dream of having a beautiful meditation room, tastefully decorated with all of our favorite relaxation tools. The reality is most of us don’t have the space to dedicate an entire room to our practice. Even if you only dedicate a corner of your room or temporarily create a space to meditate, you can help that space feel more “official” with a meditation chair.

Having that dedicated space will help you build a lasting meditation habit. Once you sit down in your chair each day, you will automatically fall into the rhythm of your practice. Plus the chair is a visual reminder that you need to meditate today.

Helps You Stay Comfortable & Free From Distaction

Have you ever tried to meditate while sitting directly on the floor? Your experience was probably similar to mine: after a couple minutes, your butt starts to hurt. You find yourself shifting around, distracted by discomfort in your legs and back. You’re unable to focus on your breath, mantra, or visualization because the aches in your body are stealing your focus.

A meditation chair helps combat these discomforts. They’re cushioned to protect your body from a hard floor. They’re often designed and shaped to support standard sitting positions for meditation and really help supplement your practice. With discomfort eliminated, you can more easily focus and remain mindful in your meditation.

Helps You Maintain Proper Alignment

Good posture is incredibly important for meditation. Since you are sitting for such long periods of time each day, you want to sit up straight with your spine in perfect alignment. Poor posture while meditating can lead to aches and pains (which are distracting) or even injury.

A good meditation chair–one designed for the practice–will support natural alignment in the various sitting and kneeling positions for meditation. An ergonomic meditation chair (like the Alexia in the picture at the beginning of this article) will give you a supportive seat that helps you keep your spine aligned. If you need assistance sitting up straight, some chairs even provide back support.

Makes Meditation More Accessible

If you’re older or have an injury or limited flexibility, you may look at pictures of people in kneeling meditation or sitting in lotus position and think that meditation isn’t for you. Sitting properly is an important part of meditation, but it isn’t a one size fits all situation. You need to be able to sit up straight and free of pain. While traditional positions may not work for you, a meditation chair can make things more accessible.

If you can’t get down on the floor or bending your knees for extended periods of time is out of the question, a regular height chair with cushions is a fantastic alternative. If you have trouble sitting up straight or have a back injury, a floor chair with back support will help you comfortably maintain a safe posture.

Considering adding a chair to your practice? Check out these meditation floor chairs with back support and these ergonomic floor seats and cushions for meditation.

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4 Benefits of Using a Meditation Chair

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