Find a Buddha Meditation Statue for Your Altar

Find a Buddha Meditation Statue for Your Altar
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If you’re looking for a Buddha statue for your meditation altar, meditation space, or just to add a little mindfulness to the decor of your home, there are many options available. There are different styles of Buddha statues. There are also different meanings to the pose of the Buddha figure in the statue.

When selecting the perfect Buddha statue for your home or meditation practice, you should also consider cosmetic appearance. This can include the style and pose, and also the material the statue is made from. Here we’ve rounded up some of the best Buddha meditation statues for you to consider. We’ve broken down the meaning of each statue so you can find the best one for your meditation intention.

Buddha Meditation Statues

Buddha Namaste Statue

This resin Buddha statue is perfect for an altar or small meditation space. With a vintage weathered look, the figure sits at about 6″ tall. This buddha is in a namaste pose, a phrase you may be familiar with if you practice yoga. The gesture, with hands pressed together at the heart chakra, is meant as a gesture of respect. The word namaste literally means “I bow to you” and is a respectful greeting in Hindu custom.

Antique White Polystone Protection Buddha Statue

Made from a beautiful white polyresin, this Buddha statue as a gorgeous antique look. The seated pose of this statue, with the right hand raised has two meanings. It can be a protection Buddha, with the raised hand representing a shield. It can also mean overcoming fear.

This statue is perfect for anyone who is dealing with challenges or a difficult time. It can inspire courage and protection from fear.

Meditating Buddha Statue

This Buddha is in a meditation pose, his hands in the Gesture of Meditation, eyes closed (representing focused concentration). The triangle shape of the statue represents stability.

This Buddha in meditation statue is perfect for anyone seeking peace and calm in their life or to help improve their own meditation skills.

While it looks like stone, this statue is made of fiberglass, which makes it lighter weight and lower in price. Great for a meditation room or a garden.

Brass Earth Touching Buddha Altar Statue

This is a premium meditation statue, made from brass using traditional sand casting techniques by artisans in India. The pose of this Buddha is most commonly seen in Thai temples and is known as Calling the Earth to Witness or Earth Touching Buddha. It represents the moment of enlightenment for the Buddha. He sits with legs in full lotus, the left hand in his lap, and his right hand pointing to the ground.

This statue is perfect for anyone working toward their own enlightenment through meditation.

Medicine Buddha Meditation Statue

This lovely, detailed Buddha meditation statue was handcrafted in Nepal from resin and hand-painted. The Buddha is in medicine pose, sitting cross-legged with fingers pointed to the ground and a bowl of herbs in the left hand. This statue is perfect for the altars of those seeking health and healing in their lives.

The medicine Buddha is traditionally presented with blue skin, but this statue is available in multiple color options.

Wooden Teaching Buddha Statue

This hand-carved Buddha is made from kadam wood and makes a beautiful addition to any altar or meditation room. Made in Rajasthan, India this figure features intricate details. The pose is the Teaching Buddha, also known as a DharmaChakra Buddha. He sits with both hands held at chest level and the thumb and index finger forming a circle. The statue depicts the first sermon given after he reached Enlightenment.

This statue signifies wisdom, understanding, and fulfilling your destiny. It’s a great gift for students or anyone who is learning more about spirituality.

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