5 Best Yoga Kids Videos on Amazon Prime

5 Best Yoga Kids Videos on Amazon Prime
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When the kids are home it can be really hard to get them away from screens and encourage them to be active. Help your children get moving and stay fit with these awesome yoga videos from Amazon Prime. Designed specifically for children, these yoga routines feature poses perfect for young yogis and present them in a format that is fun and engaging for even the most limited attention spans. Grab your yoga mat and join your kids for these fun yoga classes that you can stream for free with your Amazon Prime membership.

5 Fun Children’s Yoga Videos on Amazon Prime

1. Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventures

Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventures Amazon Prime

Cosmic kids is dominating yoga classes for children. They’re very popular on Youtube, DVD, and even Amazon Prime. And if you’re trying to engage your kids for weeks on end, the two seasons contain plenty of yoga classes to keep them from getting bored. Jaime Amor is an engaging instructor. Each video is a story adventure that leads your kids through fascinating locals with relevant yoga poses.

Each episode is filmed in front of a green screen, so Jaime appears in vibrant animated environments. This is great for kids who have a hard time engaging with traditional yoga videos because it’s more like watching a TV show. When you watch on Amazon Prime, you can avoid the Youtube ads and keep your kids focused on the yoga story.

Recommended Age Range: 3+ Years Old

Class Length: 10 – 25 minutes

2. PoserKids Yoga

If you’re looking for yoga videos a little more grounded in reality, PoserKids videos take the adventure story format to the real world. Mister Mateo leads the poserkids through often scary or stressful real-life situations like going to the dentist or dealing with bullies. Each yoga video promotes positivity and finding calm, mindful moments in everyday life. While the videos are light-hearted and fun, younger children and toddlers may not be as entertained by the real-world scenarios.

The ten episodes available streaming on Amazon Prime give your children plenty of different yoga routines to try.

Class Length: 10-30 minutes

3. Storyland Yoga

Storyland Yoga has two children’s yoga classes available on Amazon Prime. These classes tell stories to help engage kids with various yoga poses and exercises.

What sets Storyland Yoga apart is its eco-conscious message. Both of their kids’ yoga videos tell a story, guiding the children to take poses as they learn more about endangered species and specific animal facts.

The editing is a little chaotic, cutting between Ahmed Fahmy (who is telling the story and leading the class), the kids modeling the poses, and animations for the story. While it won’t be relaxing for adults, this style can help keep your kid engaged and paying attention to the video. Younger kids and toddlers may get bored partway through.

Class Length: 20 minutes

Make sure your kids have the right gear to practice yoga safely.

This children’s yoga mat from Gaiam is perfectly sized for young yogis.

The sticky surface helps them hold poses and cushions against hard floors in your home.

4. Kinda Yoga

If you’re looking for a yoga class on Amazon Prime that has kids practicing in a more traditional setting, Kinda Yoga provides that. It is still a story based yoga routine, with animations to accompany the narration. The video portions feature a more traditional yoga studio, with young kids following the prompts of the instructor on their yoga mats.

This class is perfect for preschool and early elementary-aged children. Currently, they only have one episode available on Amazon Prime, but the engaging routine can be done by your child again and again.

Class Length: 30 minutes

5. Rainforest Adventure Yoga

Rainforest Adventure Yoga for Kids Amazon Prime

This rain forest themed yoga class is great for older kids who find the storytelling routines too juvenile. Structured like a beginner’s yoga class, instructor Valerie Pike takes traditional yoga poses and connects them to animals and other elements from the rain forest.

This fast-paced class will keep your kid’s interest as they learn new yoga poses and animal facts to go with them. This video is great for animal-loving kids, as there are a few special animal guest stars, like a fox and a pair of beautiful parrots.

Class Length: 20 minutes

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5 Best Yoga Kids Videos Streaming on Amazon Prime

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