5 Free Guided Meditations to Relieve Stress

Free Guided Meditations to Relieve Stress
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Stress is a terrible emotion. It’s quick to overwhelm you, tiring your body, overtaking your mind, and consuming all the positive energy in your life. But in our modern world with jobs, families, bills, and other responsibilities, it’s hard to avoid stress entirely. Instead, it’s better to adapt your body and mind to deal with the stress and control your emotions. Eating healthy and exercising regularly helps make your body fit to conquer the physical side effects of stress. Meditation is the best way to prepare your mind for the worry, anxiety, and distraction that stress can bring. Not only can you meditate while you’re stress to find relief, but a regular meditation practice

5 Minute Guided Meditation for Stress Relief

This guided meditation from Candace is a fantastic one to listen to when you need quick stress relief. It’s great for those hectic days when things are going non-stop at work or home. Since it’s only five minutes, it’s easy to listen to during a quick break or between scheduled events. Don’t assume that the short length means it’s less effective. Candace guides you to focus on your breath to help calm your mind and extend that sense of peace throughout your body. A quick break like this can really make a difference in your stress or anxiety levels.

10 Minute Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation

If you have enough time to meditate for 10 minutes, try this guided meditation focused on deep relaxation. With relaxing background music, this guided meditation focuses on breathing and uses mindfulness to relax both your mind and body. Then a guided body scan helps to melt away any tension that has built up in your muscles. This is a great one to listen to if you’re trying to relax when you get home from a stressful day of work or to listen to as you wind down before bed.

20 Minute Guided Meditation for Stress & Anxiety

If you can spare 20 minutes, you’ll get a lot of benefits from this guided meditation by The Mindful Movement. This one is really great if you also suffer from anxiety, as it reminds you how focusing your mind will help to calm your anxiety. It also helps you improve your mindfulness during hectic moments when stress is taking over your thoughts. It guides you through a full-body relaxation to expel heavy tension and stress. The meditation continues with more visualizations to help you find the deepest level of relaxation to take control of your feelings and release your anxiety.

Let Go of Anxiety, Fear & Worries Guided Meditation

This is the perfect guided meditation for those times when you’re overwhelmed by a big event or something that’s really stressing you out. This 22 minutes guided meditation by Power Thoughts Meditation Club uses music and a gentle voice to calm your frazzled mind and relax your body. Through visualizations, this meditation focuses on harmony and feeling inner peace. It’s a nice choice to take a break from your day or to listen to before bed.

If you enjoy this guided meditation or prefer to listen to MP3 or CD, you can purchase more guided meditations by Power Thoughts Meditation Club on Amazon.

Mastering the Present Guided Meditation to De-Stress

If you have the time, this 40 minute guided meditation by Meditation Vacation is a great way to fight stress. The focus is to slow down, especially your thought processes. This will help you reduce stress and think more clearly afterward. The audio will guide you through relaxing your body to relieve tension. When you’re done, the mindfulness will help you conquer the rest of your day.

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Free Guided Meditations to Relieve Stress

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